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Marriage, puppies, and other things

by Rebecca

It has been months since I last blogged. Months! I’m a little shocked by how much time has actually passed since I last wrote something here. But now, here I am, to tell about all the wonderful things that have happened in the interim. My sweetie and I were apart for three months, during the […]

My little brother no more

by Rebecca

I called my baby brother tonight.Considering I just turned 50, and he’s now 44, he’s not really my baby brother anymore. But, of course, he is. Even though his life experiences, I am sure, far surpass my own. After all, he has married, raised children, bought a house or two, become a business owner. I have […]

A Dear John by any other name

by Rebecca

Dear Winnipeg, I’m sorry, but I’m leaving you. For too many years you have been cold to me, colder than any other (okay, there was Churchill, but that was short-lived), and I just can’t handle it anymore. And even when you were warm, your warmth was fickle, changeable, not to be trusted. I often found […]

In the name of research

by Rebecca

Sometimes, some people do things that you really just have to shake your head at. You know they deserve a smack upside the head, or a kick to the shins, but they’ve behaved so badly, all you can do is gape at them, before shaking your head and walking away.As part of my research for […]

Little stick girl

by Rebecca

I’ve been a scrawny little thing my entire life.Actually, I personally have never called myself scrawny. Or skinny. Or underweight. I’ve always called myself lean. And sexy. And kickass. But, I digress.I’m 5’5″, and my “ideal” weight should be around 125-130 lbs. The most I’ve ever weighed was 110. Mostly, I’ve been between 100 and […]

The Next Big Thing

by Rebecca

The very talented Jill Malone (see link below) tagged me to be a part of The Next Big Thing, where writers talk up their work in progress. That makes me #33. It sounds like a great idea, so here goes:What is the working title of your book?The title of my current work is Falling. I […]