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Own up, baby. Own up.

by Rebecca

I hate to sound like a broken record. But every day, literally every day, new developments come to my attention, and I feel the need to comment on these developments.I am referring, of course, to being a newly published author. A newly published author in the age of the Internet.I feel I must make a […]

"Assholery" is the word of the day

by Rebecca

Last night I finished reading Orson Scott Card’s latest novel, Earth Unaware, penned in collaboration with Aaron Johnston. The novel is a prequel, taking place before Ender’s Game, the first in the Ender series, all of which I’ve read over the years. I’ve enjoyed the Ender series, though it did get a bit tedious toward the […]

Lock that window down!

by Rebecca

I’ve been staying with my best friend until I go back to North Carolina to my sweetie at the beginning of October. It was just easier after the house I was living in got sold out beneath my feet, and I got no money back from the guy who was my landlord who is a […]