I spend time between time.

It’s odd. How I’m present, yet project forward.

I’ve lived most of my life elsewhere, but feel more grounded here.

If you know me, you know I am not well known. Difficult to know. Next to impossible. Really.

Puppies makes sense to me. Except the current puppy. Who makes the most amazing sense.

I once thought of running away from home…but didn’t know where to go, since I didn’t know if I could escape what I was running from (I was 12).

I am capable of violence, but not the violence that frightens others (although it does). The violence that frightens me.

People like me. But I’m sure I don’t quite know why.

Sometimes I like people. Just because.

You should never assume anything about me. Ever.

I like cats. Just that. I like them.

I like snow. I don’t like cold.

If I could choose, I would choose blindness over deafness. 

Children are priceless. But I seem to prefer those under 3. (Have I mentioned I don’t play well with others?)

I’m not happy about getting old. It hurts.

I don’t like it when some people decide that you are no longer an important part of their life. And just leave. Without explanation. After 20 years.

I do not like complainers. Don’t complain. Fix what you are not happy with. Or shut up.

If you want my honest opinion, be prepared to hear the truth. Or stick something in your ears so you can’t hear me. Or…don’t ask.

Puppies will always be my safe place. Always.