Words are powerful things.

I’ve come to know this. I’ve come to realize this simply through my continued use of them, and also, through the use that others employ of them. I pay attention to such things.

Words are like the tools you use to build a house. Some people are very careless with words, as some people are careless with their tools…they leave them laying about, or pick them up haphazardly as they think they need them, without a care to the delicacy of the tool, or the job. But if you use a tool carelessly, the intended job will likely be without finesse, without care, without attention to detail. And the job that you are attending to will be, suffice it to say, lacking in care and attention, as well. It will suffer.

The foundation that words build cannot be argued. No more than can the foundation built with tools properly used for the job at hand. It is imperative that we who wield these tools (let’s inject words, since that’s my premise) understand that we are, in essence, trying to build something: a relationship, since, if you think about it, all conversations are really about building relationships of some sort, whether casual or intimate, whether business minded or personal.

I speak mostly with great care (I have my moments when I lack self control), and perhaps a bit of awe. I pay attention to how I speak, and the words I use. I can say one thing, but depending on tone, the meaning and intention might be lost, unless I am careful in my inflection and word choice. It’s all about wielding the tool with care. You cannot, and should not, build a house sloppily. Nor should you build a relationship based on sloppy conversation and misinterpreted/misunderstood inflections.

If you’re serious about building something, make sure you have the skills. And the tools. Otherwise you are doomed to failure, and anything you are thinking of building, is doomed to fail as well.

It’s a serious thing, building something. A serious thing. You should try to build it so it will last. That’s the goal, isn’t it? That it will last? If it’s not, you might want to recheck your blueprints. And your ideals. Because building something not meant to last is a complete and utter waste of time. I have come to know this.

Then again, that may just be my opinion.