I’m once more sitting at the window at the top of the house, having a smoke.

I see, in the park, before and below me, two people sitting, and a dog standing, on the grass. The dog: a brindle mastiff of some sort, he has the mastiff features: huge head, drop ears, the promise of height and massiveness, and though he’s quite tall, he’s very lean and lanky, so perhaps he’s young yet. The people: a girl and a guy, sitting three feet apart, yet obviously they are together, though you wouldn’t know it by their body language, only by their relative closeness.

The dog stands perfectly still before the girl, his huge head lowered toward her lap. She strokes the top of his head, while looking into the distance. She lifts his ears with one hand, slides that hand back to the top of his head, then brings both hands up and runs them the length of his neck to his shoulders, leaning into the movement. The dog stands patiently for this, unmoving, solid in his comfort and expectation. There is no tail wagging, yet it’s obvious he is enjoying this exchange, as if he understands this exchange. He is relaxed in his stance. Finally, she kisses the top of his head, and he seems to sag. And so does she.

She leans back, and the dog, as if released, steps to the side, to her side, then comes around and behind her. He pauses, then completes his travel by positioning himself at her back, and lowering his head to her right shoulder. She makes no move to acknowledge this.

The guy gets to his feet and walks away. And the mastiff sits, and doesn’t even appear to watch, or even be aware of, his departure.

Is this devotion? Is this protectiveness? Is this complete disregard, or careful regard? I have no idea. Haven’t a hot clue. I could make up a story about these three, but I choose not to. Because there likely is a story, but I am not privy to it, and that’s okay.

I watch the guy walk away, see the dog not watch him do so, and see the girl not watch him do so, as well.

Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps they are not together. You see how easy it is to misread, misinterpret what is before you?

Assume nothing. Never, ever assume.