Rebecca Swartz

Rebecca Swartz was born in Winnipeg, Canada, and was raised in and around that city. Like many writers, she is a voracious reader. Unlike many writers, she has not been writing her entire life, though she did start out very keen. A particularly traumatic event at the age of 14 caused her to stop writing altogether. Twenty years later, she put pen to paper once more and began writing her first novel. Her first goal was to write a good book featuring strong female characters who happen to be lesbian, the kind of book she would like to read. Her second goal was to write just such a book that others would like to read. Judging from feedback from her readers, she has accomplished both goals.

Rebecca has held many jobs throughout her life: dental assistant, club DJ, dog trainer, pool maintenance worker, among others. Her restless nature did not allow her to remain in any one place for too long, though, and she often picked up and moved after a couple of years to various cities throughout Canada.

Her interests and tastes are wide and varied, but she lists among her favourites Stephen King, Nicola Griffith, Bach, Leahy, most things dog related, road trips, steak (medium-rare, please) and orange sherbet. She prefers import or micro-brew beer to domestics, red wine to white. The great outdoors holds infinite appeal, but she is not averse to a well-appointed hotel or resort.

Rebecca is married to graphic artist & screen printer, Melanie Wall, and now resides in Hillsborough, North Carolina.