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Life is life.

by Rebecca

I stumbled across a couple of fine books over the last 72 hours. By a writer I’d never heard of. And really, isn’t that how it should be? The author is Susan Wilson. The books, One Good Dog, which I read first. The second, The Dog Who Danced. No surprise there are dogs involved. I […]

Treasure a toddler’s smile

by Rebecca

I have spent a lot of my life believing I was worthless. But a lot of what has happened over the course of the years has caused me to feel that that is not so. I love children. Not all children, because some of them, like some adults, are not very nice. But if you’ve […]

Weaving a not so tangled web(site)

by Rebecca

Have you ever designed a website before?  It turns out that it can be very time consuming. Both in its development and launching stages, of course, but also in the idea stages. Where you have an idea, a vision, of what you want, how you want your site to look, but you can’t get there […]