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A Dear John by any other name

by Rebecca

For too many years you have been cold to me, colder than any other (okay, there was Churchill, but that was short-lived), and I just can’t handle it anymore. And even when you were warm, your warmth was fickle, changeable, not to be trusted. I often found myself holding my breath, hoping, This time, let it be this time, when I would be convinced things would change. But, no.

Puppies vs Stupid people

by Rebecca

Today, I learned a lot about some people. Mainly, that some people will make untold excuses for treatment of puppies and dogs, try to pass it off as similar to what some humans go through, but which, if you are really being honest, we all know that the one bears no resemblance to the other.Case […]

My little brother no more

by Rebecca

Considering I just turned 50, and he’s now 44, he’s not really my baby brother anymore. But, of course, he is. Even though his life experiences, I am sure, far surpass my own. After all, he has married, raised children, bought a house or two, become a business owner.

Early morning wake up calls

by Rebecca

We’re back to the routine of 6:30 am phone calls before she goes off to work, late morning calls when I ask her how her morning is going, an afternoon call when I ask how her afternoon is, the six pm call when she gets home and is settled in, and the last call of […]