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Opinions are a dime a dozen

by Rebecca

Are you familiar with Goodreads? If you’re on Facebook, and you read (maybe a lot), it’s possible you know of Goodreads, or even use it yourself.For those not in the know, Goodreads is a site where you can list books you’ve read, and you are given the option of assigning a star rating to them […]

It’s not easy being mean

by Rebecca

Today I decided I am officially a bitch.Backstory: I went to Staples this afternoon, to get an inkjet cartridge (colour black) for a new printer which was boxed without one. It came with a colour cartridge, but not black, which, when you think about it, is just plain stupid, but of course, is also probably brilliant […]

To review or not to review…

by Rebecca

The other day, I read a comment made by an author in regard to marketing and promoting of one’s work. The author (who may be fairly successful and fairly popular, though I really don’t know as I’ve never checked, and frankly, wouldn’t know how to even if I were interested) provided suggestions for promoting a […]