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Time and distance

by Rebecca

I am constantly caught up in the art that is conversation. Constantly caught up in the words that are said, and the words that are not said, both yearning toward all that is unsaid.You know what I mean. When you say almost what you want to say, but don’t say what you really mean to […]

Building blocks

by Rebecca

Words are powerful things. I’ve come to know this. I’ve come to realize this simply through my continued use of them, and also, through the use that others employ of them. I pay attention to such things.Words are like the tools you use to build a house. Some people are very careless with words, as some […]

Talk to me.

by Rebecca

Communication is an art. It must be practiced. You must diligently practice communication for it to become a beautiful, seemingly effortless attempt to bridge the gap that exists between two disparate individuals. If I touch you here, do you like that? If I do this for you, does it please you? Yes, that, that one […]

Put your trust in me.

by Rebecca

“You’re worried,” she says.“I am?” I try not to sound surprised. “I can hear it. In your voice. Why are you so worried?”I swallow. Gather my thoughts. “Well, I just–““You trust me, yes? Trust me? This?”I swallow again, and try to think, carefully. “Yes, I do, I do, but it means putting everything else on […]

Fuel for the fire

by Rebecca

I’ve been thinking of fire. As an analogy. Not in terms of anything. But in terms of me, of myself. And how others, as fuel, if you will, affect me. React with me. I am the fire. Some may be gasoline, causing a pyre that burns fast and furious, but dies out rather quickly, leaving only […]

Appearances can be deceiving.

by Rebecca

I’m once more sitting at the window at the top of the house, having a smoke.I see, in the park, before and below me, two people sitting, and a dog standing, on the grass. The dog: a brindle mastiff of some sort, he has the mastiff features: huge head, drop ears, the promise of height and massiveness, and […]